Undergraduate student


Nationality: Belgian, Dutch, Italian
Undergraduate Institution: Hasselt University, Belgium
Master Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Graduate Institution: /
Email: g.g.g.mangione@student.tue.nl
Phone: / 
Office: HEO 4.61

In 2017, I received my bachelor degree in Chemistry option materials sciences at Hasselt University (Belgium). I did my graduation project in the research group 'Organic and Bio-polymer Chemistry (IMOOBPC)' subgroup 'Design & Synthesis of Organic Semiconductors'. During my graduation project, I was working on the synthesis of perylene diimide derivatives for fullerene-free solution processed bulk-heterojunction organic photovoltaics. Afterwards, in September 2017, I started my master in Chemical Engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology. In September 2018, I started my graduation project in the research group of Bert Meijer. During my graduation project, I'm working on the synthesis of Naphthalene diimide derivatives to apply in Self-Assembled Monolayer Field Effect Transistors (SAMFETs) for sensing applications.