Nationality: Italian
Undergraduate Institution: University of Padova, Italy
Master Institution: University of Padova, Italy
Graduate Institution: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +31 40 247 3104
Office: HEO 4.47

I studied Chemistry at the University of Padova (Italy), where I obtained my BSc and MSc degree. Under the supervision of Prof. Silvia Gross, my MSc thesis focused on the fabrication of inorganic nanoparticles via miniemulsion technique and on their subsequent stabilization in water by means of a polymeric shell. After my MSc studies, I joined the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology at ETH Zurich, where, in 2017, I earned my Ph.D. in Material Science under the supervision of Dr. Edmondo M. Benetti and Prof. Nicholas D. Spencer. My research project aimed at engineering inorganic and cartilage surfaces by linear and cyclic poly(2-oxazoline)-based coatings, featuring simultaneously antifouling and lubricating properties. Since April 2018 I am a postdoctoral fellow in Prof. Bert Meijer’s group, working on the development of dynamic biomaterials through the combination of covalent and supramolecular networks.