Nationality: German
Undergraduate Institution: Free University Berlin
Master Institution: Free University Berlin
Graduate Institution: Free University Berlin
Phone: +31 40 247 2187
Office: HEO 4.43

In October 2007 I started my chemistry studies at the Free University of Berlin and finished my B. Sc. degree in the beginning of 2010, followed by the M. Sc. Studies till March 2012. During this period my studies were focused on physical organic chemistry and supramolecular chemistry in the group of Prof. Christoph A. Schalley. After graduation I changed my research field towards organometallic chemistry. The following four years, I worked on the topic of 3H-1,2,3,4-triazaphospholes in the group of Prof. Christian Müller (Free University Berlin) and received my doctoral degree with summa cum laude in 2016. Subsequently, I qualified as postdoctoral research fellow of Dr. Nicolas Mézailles (CNRS) and Prof. Montserrat Gomez (Paul Sabatier University) in the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Toulouse, developing industrial problem solution and novel metal-phosphide-nanoparticles. With the beginning of 2018, I became a postdoctoral research fellow of Prof. Bert Meijer and Assoc. Prof. Anja Palmans at the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) developing artificial enzyme-type catalysts based on Single Chain Polymer Nanoparticles.