Our research is focused on the design, synthesis, characterization and possible applications of new supramolecular systems with unconventional properties and functions. By combining principles of synthetic and physical organic chemistry with challenges in materials and life sciences, we study the self-assembly and self-organization of molecular architectures into functional supramolecular systems.


To give students an insight into the research done in the Meijer group, Bart van den Bersselaar wrote an article in the T-licht, the association magazine of T.S.V. 'Jan Pieter Minckelers'.

Several of our (former) group members attented the Gordon Research Conference in Switzerland on "Structure and Motion Across Length Scales", which was very inspiring.

On February 24th 2023, Martin van Son has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Functional Block Molecules with Nanoscale Order”. Congratulations Dr. van Son!

"The molecular rebellion" - an article in Coopernicus written by Marcin Ślęczkowski, former PhD student of the group, about his PhD work.

Giulia Lavarda received three awards for her outstanding PhD thesis. Congratulations on these great achievements Giulia!

Brigitte Lamers, a previous PhD student in our group, received the Marina van Damme award. This award is granted to give successful women an extra push to make a groundbreaking career move. Brigitte will use it to develop herself further as leader and rolemodel for women in industry. Congratulations Brigitte!

On September 29th, we visited the groups of Filip du Prez and Richard Hoogenboom at Ghent university as part of our annual group retreat, together with the Palmans group. We had a very inspiring mini-symposium, and congratulations to Marle Vleugels and Filip Van Lysebetten for winning the presentation award!

Congratulations to Bert Meijer for being awarded with the "Hermann-Staudinger-Preis"!

On July 21st, three of our group members visited the University of Tokyo, where they had a seminar with the groups of prof. Aida and prof. Itoh. Great to see these international visits happening again!

On February 27 & 28 2019 we had the Meijerlab Reunion, to celebrate Bert's birthday and to look back on 30 years of research of the group in Eindhoven. The scientific program with an overview of all speakers can be found here.