Behind the paper: a blog post by Elisabeth Weyandt about our recent publication on dilution-induced supramolecular polymerization of porphyrins.

On December 2nd we celebrated Dutch Sinterklaas with presents and pepernoten, Sinterklaas even visited our group!

On November 30th 2021, Sandra Schoenmakers has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Supramolecular Polymers under the Magnifying Glass”. Congratulations Dr. Schoenmakers!

Shikha Diman presented her work on multivalency induced clustering at the Women Interactive Materials Award, the jury awarded her with a 3rd place. Congratulations Shikha!

On September 17th 2021, Elisabeth Weyandt has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Controlling the length of supramolecular polymers”. Congratulations Dr. Weyandt!

Beginning of September we visited Friesland for our group retreat, which included a very interesting ‘bird talk’ from professor Theunis Piersma.

The first ‘live’ meeting again with the whole group at the Academisch Genootschap –  a mini symposium to share the status and challenges of our work.

On June 23rd 2021, Brigitte Lamers has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Nanostructured Siloxane-Based Materials”. Congratulations Dr. Lamers!

A special issue of Journal of Polymer Science on polymer science and technology at ICMS. This issue includes work from our group on discrete oligodimethylsiloxanes in bulk and supramolecular polymers in solution.

On June 21st 2021, Andreas Rösch has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Supramolecular charge transfer systems”. Congratulations Dr. Rösch!

On the occasion of 65 years TU/e with the theme “Heroes like you”, Marle Vleugels was interviewed as part of “the Heroes of the Month: the doctoral candidates”Photography by Bart van Overbeeke.

A combination of theory and experiments: Elisabeth Weyandt and Ivo Filot did some fine ‘spot the differences’ on a molecular level. Read more about this work in Chemistry or at the C2W.

Eindhoven researchers found that thin plastics can also synchronize their swing, similar to what Christiaan Huygens observed in the 17th century. Read more about this interesting phenomenon in Nature Materials, or at the Cursor or NEMO kennislink for a shorter read.

The Journal of American Chemical Society announced that Bert Meijer will join the editorial team as an associate editor. Congratulations to Bert, the first Dutch associate editor of this prestigious journal!    

On the 14th of January we had the first Meijer/Aida joint group seminar with the group of professor Aida from The University of Tokyo. Topics ranged from Molecular Assembly to Supramolecular Polymerization and Materials Science.     


Plastic, fantastic? Bert Meijer gives a lecture about our future world with(out) plastics at Universiteit van Nederland      

Congratulations to Dr. Tobias Schnitzer for being awarded both ETH medal for outstanding doctoral thesis and Nachwuchspreis 2020 of the Max-Bergmann Kreis for his PhD thesis “Proline-rich Peptides – From Catalysts to Metal Organic Frameworks”.      

On the occasion of his royal distinction, an interview with Bert Meijer in the Cursor about his love for molecules and his career at TU/e.    

Een interview met Bert Meijer in de Cursor over zijn liefde voor moleculen en zijn carrière bij de TU/e, ter ere van zijn koninklijke onderscheiding.

How are the homeworkers doing now, 8 months after the first appeal to work from home? Brigitte Lamers looks back on her experiences in the Cursor.

Research from the Meijer group made it to the front cover of JACS! The manuscript “Supramolecular Double Helices from Small C3 Symmetrical Molecules Aggregated in Water” is also the 125th publication of Bert Meijer in this journal.

The Meijer group compliments Jesús Mosquera, a former group member, on being awarded with with the Ramon y Cajal fellowship. We wish him all the best for his career in Spain!

Olga Goor, a former PhD student in our group, now works at Chemelot where she has been working on a “pilot plant for everyone”. You can read more about it in C2W.(photography by Patrick Marx)

On June 26th, 2020 Mathijs Mabesoone has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Competitive Solvent Interactions in Supramolecular Polymerizations”. Congratulations Dr. Mabesoone!

Lioba Heidendael, a former MSc student in our group, crossed the border for her industrial internship in Belgium. Read all about her experiences at our friendly neighbours in the T-licht!

To give students an insight into the research done in the Meijer group, Marle Vleugels wrote an article in the T-licht, the association magazine of T.S.V. ‘Jan Pieter Minckelers’.

How is it to work from home as a PhD student during these quarantine times? Brigitte Lamers shares her experiences in the Cursor. And as it turns out, “it is very nice to write at home, without any distractions”.

Bert Meijer was honored with the title Commander of the Order of the Netherlands Lion, an exceptional royal distinction, for his remarkable work in organic chemistry and his pioneering research on supramolecular polymers. Congratulations Bert! (photography by M54 Beeldcreaties)


On October 31st, 2019 Marcin Ślęczkowski has successfully defended his PhD thesis titled “Supramolecular Polymer Chemistry and the Active Role of Solvents in Molecular Assembly”. Congratulations Dr. Ślęczkowski!

Bert Meijer spoke as a keynote speaker at Axalta’s Distinguished Lecture Series about the balance between covalent and non-covalent synthesis to obtain functional nanomaterials.

Bert Meijer presented the 2019 Saul Winstein Lecture at UCLA about non-covalent synthesis of supramolecular systems and materials.

Bert Meijer has been awarded with an honorary doctorate for his work in the field of supramolecular polymer science by The Freie Universität Berlin.

Congratulations to Elisabeth Weyandt, who received the poster prize at the 14th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry

How great would it be if a phone screen could repair itself? Ghislaine Vantomme explains her research at eye-openers, an online stage for scientists where they tell about their research and what inspires them.

How does a news reporter perceive a basic course in chemistry given by Bert Meijer? Read more about the topic in the recent article from the Cursor newspaper! (photography by Bart van Overbeeke)

The Meijer group compliments Ghislaine Vantomme on her appointment as assistant professor. We wish her the best for fostering her headway and are excited to see the future of responsive materials, soft robotics and non-covalent chemistry!

The Meijer group and the chemistry and chemical engineering faculty congratulate Anja Palmans on becoming a full professor in Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis.



Bert Meijer appointed as honorary member of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society .(KNCV)

Meijerlab members publish in Nature.

Bert Meijer received the Humboldt Research Award from Professor Pape – President of the Alexander van Humboldt Foundation.


Bert Meijer receives the 2017 Nagoya Gold Medal in Organic Chemistry from Professor Ryoji Noyori. [1] [2]

Meijerlab present at the Molecular Machines Nobel Prize Conference 2017.

Repeated Miller-Urey experiment in Nemo revealed building blocks of life [1] [2]

Marle Vleugels and Martin van Son revealed amino acids present in the repeated Urey-Miller experiment during the FMS annual meeting.