Nationality: Dutch
Undergraduate Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Master Institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Office: HEO 4.43

Being an Eindhovenaar through and through, I started my bachelors’ Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in ‘16/’17 at the Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2020, I received my BSc. Degree after having completed my thesis on magnetite precipitation in collagen under dr. Heiner Friedrich. After completing the theoretical section of the masters’ track Molecular Systems and Materials Chemistry, I joined the group of prof. Anja Palmans and started working on my masters’ thesis on organic photocatalysis in aqueous environments using amphiphilic nanoparticles. After a successful defense, I briefly assisted in helping publishing this work together with my supervisor dr. Fabian Eisenreich. Finalizing my education, I joined Eurofins lab Zeeuws-Vlaanderen to develop and set up A method for the quantification of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances in food and feed by LC-MSMS. Having completed and received my masters’ degree in 2022, I joined the group of prof. Bert Meijer and the subgroup of dr. Ghislaine Vantomme as a PhD candidate. For the upcoming four years, I will be working on neuromorphic computing – specifically the development of memristive devices composed of siloxane block copolymers.