Nationality: Chinese
Undergraduate Institution: Nanjing University, China
Graduate Institution: University of Connecticut, USA
Phone: +31 40 247 
Office: HEO 4.43

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in Nanjing University and my PhD’s degree in Chemistry in University of Connecticut under the supervision of Prof. Yao Lin. For my PhD’s work, I mainly focused on the cooperative behaviors in macromolecular self-assembly and N-carboxyanhydride ring opening polymerization from a kinetic aspect. In 2019, I joined Prof. Ting Xu’s lab in University of California Berkeley and spent one and a half years there to study the sequence controlled solution behavior of random copolymers in water. Starting from March 2021, I’m a postdoc in Prof. Bert Meijer’s group to study the stimulus and liquid-liquid phase separation controlled self-assembly in water.